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A luxury car provides an increased level of comfort, advanced facilities, modern technology, high status, and enhanced safety relative to normal cars at an elevated cost. Traditionally, all luxury cars were luxury saloons, but small sports-oriented vehicles were always manufactured. But today the new generation of luxury cars in India are available in a range of attractive models that meet the needs of the common people as well.

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There are several types of luxury cars in India that are designed with a combination of elegance, luxury, class, power, classiness, durability and class. This has become so as the popularity of these cars has increased significantly and there is a lot of competition between luxury car makers in the country. Mercedes Benz is one such major manufacturing company which has made a name for itself in India by designing, manufacturing and selling luxury cars in India. Mercedes Benz was established by Benz Garage in Germany in 1855.

Luxury cars come in different shapes and sizes depending on the specifications of the model. For instance, Mercedes Benz Buses is small luxury cars available in small size and small capacity. Mercedes Buses is used as personal transport by business class people and it is used as a part of office vehicles.

It is interesting to note that all the leading car makers in India have their manufacturing units based in India. Most of the luxury car manufacturing companies, especially the major car manufacturers in India like Mercedes Benz, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Cadillac and BMW also provide their automobiles to the general public at relatively lower prices than in Europe and North America.

Earlier, there was a perception that family vehicles were only meant for the upper classes. Today, these family vehicles come up with various features and technologies that enable them to provide the comfort and amenities of a full luxury car at affordable rates. The market scenario in India is dominated by luxury cars. As a result, the price tag of luxury cars in India is increasing rapidly with respect to other major car makers in the world.

However, these cars also offer many advantages over family vehicles. The latest models in luxury cars come with various advanced features like anti-lock brake systems, remote engine start systems, power steering, high performance engines, automatic seatbelts, heated leather seats, power mirrors, power windows and door lock, automatic lights, GPS navigation, auto-dimming side view screens, power sunroof, MP3 player, satellite radio, air conditioning, dual-zone climate control, rear view mirrors, leather-trimmed interior with power windows and roof rails, heated sunroof, rain system, etc. Mercedes Benz, as well as other major luxury car manufacture, also offers other luxury features such as airbags, GPS navigation system, dual-zone automatic climate control, a DVD entertainment system, satellite radio, etc.

Mercedes Benz Buses is available in various models and makes available with two or three doors, one door with one or two seats, front and rear entry, one door, four door, rear and three doors, four door with two seats, rear entry with two seats, and four doors with three seats, five doors with two seats, etc. Mercedes Buses are generally built to provide better space management compared to family vehicles.

You may also come across Mercedes Buses in various other variants that provide a better choice for all your traveling requirements, like sports cars, sedans, coupes and sports cars. You can easily find Mercedes Benz Buses in various variants including the E-Class, the GL Class and the S Class, which provide all the basic facilities of a family vehicle at a reasonably affordable price. Mercedes Benz has made it possible to bring the new technologies into luxury vehicles by integrating them in luxury vehicles.