You hear about these people all the time. They win a 8 or 9 figure jackpot, and then a year later they’re destitute. All of their money is gone, and they’re worse off than when they started. Debt, foreclosure and repossession. It’s sad, but it doesn’t have to happen.

If you win the lottery (that’s the hard part, keeping the money is easy), here is the 4 step 파워볼사이트 process to keeping it and enjoying it.

Step 1. Confirm your win and collect your winnings

Don’t go to where you bought your ticket. Find the lottery office in your city, state, region and travel there. Spare no expense, take protection, and don’t publicize that you won. The only people who should know first are the lottery authorities.

When you get to the lottery office, they will officially validate your ticket, give you a bunch of papers to sign, and wire your money to you. Now you’re rich!

At this point, keep your mouth shut and disappear for a while, so you can process your new-found wealth.

Oh, and if you can, have the lottery office take out your taxes FIRST. If you collect, and spend all your money, you’ll be hurting come April.

Step 2. Get out of the rat race

Everyone who says they’re going to live their lives just as before are fools. If you enjoy your job, great! You don’t have to do what you do today for someone else. Quit your job, put your kids in better schools, upgrade your life first. This happens before you buy a single physical thing (more on that later). Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy time, so reinvest those 40+ hours a week into yourself and your family, be it your parents, wife/husband, children, close friends or your favorite charities.

When doing this, do it quietly and with dignity. Don’t shout about how you won $50 million and the world can drop dead, because they will show up on your doorstep instead. If you want to be generous, that’s more than fine, but be careful because everyone you know, knew and forgot about will find every excuse to be a part of your generosity. Be generous to yourself as well by not funding every yahoo with a telephone and a sob story.

Step 3. Invest your money

Yes. Even before you buy a single thing, get your money into something safe. If you have won over $10 million dollars (after taxes, etc.) a good solid interest rate of 5% will get you all the walking around money you need every year. Go to your bank and show them your bank balance. Negotiate a good savings rate. Not satisfied? Go to the next bank and do the same thing. Keep looking around until you find the best interest rate. You can even hedge your bets with multiple institutions. Now, you can live on the interest, and only pay taxes on the interest. You’ll be swimming in money without touching the principal, which is still in the bank.

Step 4. Getting it out of your system

When people go from little money to big money, they go crazy. Get the spending bug out of your system. Principal be darned. Take out 2-4 times what you make in a year and go nuts. Cars, electronics, clothes, jewelry, gifts for friends and family, fancy dinners, travel, whatever. Enjoy yourself, and then settle into a routine that is more closely based on your interest-based budget. Just because you have a lot of interest to spend doesn’t mean you HAVE to spend it. There may be something really big down the road to buy or invest in, and that may take more saving in order to acquire it.