Maintaining your mod

More and more people are joining the use of e-cigarettes, knowing what care they need is very important for the proper functioning of the devices and avoiding damage or injury.

Even if it doesn’t look like it, an e-cigarette can get very dirty and easily with use. We must check the conditions and maintenance of our device frequently, following a few small steps often ensure its good condition. It may seem very complex, but you will see how very simple care is:

1. First Use

We just acquired our Mod and now what? Very simple, the first step is to check that the device is in good condition. Then fill the atomizer to the maximum line and let it rest so that the liquid soaks the cottons. This step is necessary every time a resistance is stressed.

2. Fill the tank

To fill the tank of your device you must do it very carefully, pouring the liquid preventing it from falling on the center post or the clearing.

Because of the liquid falls it could soak the resistance and drip to the outside. When you notice the volume of liquid lowering fill it, don’t let it run out of liquid.

In addition to filling the tank, you have to be careful when tightening the threads. If they are too tight, water tightness is lost, which could cause the liquid to come out into the clearing machine and damage the appliance.

3. Daily cleaning

If you want your mod to be kept in perfect condition for longer, it is advisable to do a regular cleaning. This cleaning involves electrical connections, threads, and nozzle. Due to continued use, it is common for liquid to be in the nozzle and threads. With a tissue, you can easily clean

It is important to check periodically that all components, surfaces, and e-cigarette connections are clean. The tank should be cleaned regularly with some warm water and soap.