The top 10 airsoft guns have been set and only the Top 10 guns are here to stay. It has been the challenge of several of the top players in this game to set the criteria for determining what top airsoft guns should be in the “Top Guns” list. And each player came up with their own criteria for the list.

There is no one way to determine what the top ten airsoft guns are. Each different person has their own definition of what the Top guns are and the different ways they set them out. So each individual will have their own list. But, let’s take a look at what all of these top guns are. No gun can come close to being the best airsoft gun you can get. All guns that are placed in the “Top Guns” list must at least measure up to three stars and above. The numbers tell the story. So, is there such a thing as the best airsoft gun? That’s not really the issue.

Who has the top ratings?

Which gun has the best ratings? Here’s the bottom line: Top guns are airsoft guns that stand up to much abuse and that don’t break easily. Many airsoft guns have parts that break and you have to pay a repairman to fix it. The overall quality of a gun does not always mean much in an instance like this. Airsoft guns that break are not the best airsoft guns you can get. You may need to invest a lot of money to have your airsoft gun last for quite some time.

The Top guns have long-lasting high-quality parts. These are what people consider when making the Top 10 airsoft guns. No one will argue with that statement. There are some guns that have extremely high-quality parts, but they may be priced at a premium. So, what are the top guns in terms of performance? There are dozens of choices when it comes to guns for the best performers in this sport. So how do you decide which guns would make the Top 10? Take a look below.


First on the list is the M4. This airsoft gun is truly a top gun. This is considered by many to be the best gun in the world. It has great handling qualities and great rates of fire. One of the greatest features of this gun is the fact that the rate of fire is adjustable. Next on the list is the G36C. The base of the M4 was the original design of the gun, but this gun takes that design and adds in a two-stage trigger system and a non-blowback system. This gun also features a bid to help reduce recoil when used in full-auto mode.

Then we come to the AUG, which stands for the BAR-BAR, or Barrel Extension, as this gun is an extension of the standard AUG. The AUG is a gas blowback gun that also features the two-stage trigger system. This gun has also been nicknamed “the sniper rifle.”

Next on the list is the AK47. This weapon is actually a variation of the M16A2, which was designed by Beretta. The basic design of the AK47 is very similar to the standard rifle, but the trigger mechanism was changed and the gas system was modified for its gas-powered counterpart. This gives the AK47 great handling qualities. The M4 and the AK47 are some of the guns that are in a good spot at the moment. But, the top guns for the future will be better, so keep your eyes open for what’s coming up! How to get good airsoft gun.